Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The NRA's Solution to Gun Violence

If we could just arm teachers, bus drivers, waitresses, bankers, plumbers, construction workers, taxi drivers, priests, cashiers, mechanics, ushers, garbage collectors, stock brokers, PTA members and your neighbour (who sometimes likes to drink too much), then we will all be safe.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Romney Speak: Whine and Cheese

Mitt Romney has received lots of unsolicited advice lately regarding how best to meet President Obama in the upcoming debate. The three debates, including one VP debate, are highly anticipated and as many as 86% of Americans say they plan to watch some or all of them.

Romney's alarming slide in the polls has Republican talking heads pontificating about this being Mr. Romney's last chance to salvage his failing campaign.

May I offer one humble bit of advice that I haven't seen mentioned elsewhere? I suggest Mitt practice the tone and cadence of his voice, which strikes me as either condescending or whining, depending on which talking point he is discussing.

When questioned on specifics, he takes on a tone of an ever-patient parent speaking to a petulant child. He pulls out that fake 'ha-ha-ha' and with an exasperated shake of his head, responds as if he is correcting the hired help for serving the wrong wine with dinner.

But to me, the most annoying and difficult to listen to, is the whine he takes on when speaking about President Obama. Each sentence or significant phrase ends in a notable drop in tone which gives the line a whiny quality. If he could just practice keeping the tone of the sentence even through the end, it would sound like a statement of fact instead of a spoiled child complaining, "It's not fair!"

Although I am unabashedly a liberal Democrat, I have always listened to both sides, even when I disagree vehemently with the speaker. I gritted my teeth through every speech and public appearance by McCain, Reagan, Big Bush, and most tryingly, Little Bush with his deep drawl and penchant for making up words.

But no candidate in my memory has been so difficult to listen to speak as Mitt Romney. The condescension and whiny-ness are like fingernails on a chalkboard to my ears and I can't wait to turn him off.

There you go, Mitt. More unsolicited advice and coming from an Obama supporter you have no reason to take it. But please, just in case the unlikely happens I have to listen to you speak for the next four years, practice that tone. You can't make your point if your audience can't stand the sound of your voice.

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Life is Hard for Ann Romney

Ann Romney showed a bit of humanity recently when she lashed out at critics of her husband saying, “Stop it. This is hard. You want to try it? Get in the ring.” Yes, Mrs. Romney, this is hard. I'm sure it is much harder than you expected it to be.

Likely you thought you wouldn't have to work too hard in the actual campaigning stuff. Mitt Romney has avoided rallies and public appearances like the plague. Instead he has focused on fund raising and hoping carefully crafted ads will fill the void.

You probably expected your wealth and the wealth of your influential friends to smooth the path to the White House, as it always has. Money oils the gears of success in business, it should work in politics too.

You counted on millions of dollars from corporate and special interest donors, hidden from view thanks to the Supreme Court, to flood the airwaves with negative and misleading ads. It worked in the primary, right?

You were assured that new voter suppression laws, which have sprung up in many swing and southern states, would shave enough votes to secure victory in a close election.

Your campaign repeated proven lies, campaigned on them and raised money on them. Explaining this strategy, Romney campaign pollster Neil Newhouse stated, "We're not going let our campaign be dictated by fact-checkers." Who knew regular Americans cared about facts?

You didn't expect people to ask so many personal questions, like wanting to see your tax returns. Don't you know that asking about someone's finances is considered impolite among the upper class?

You didn't prepare any details for your plans since you expected to prevail simply because you are not Barack Obama. Your obviously superior business experience is all the country needs to know, right?

Truly, this has been a hard summer for the Romneys. It is painful and humbling to hear people say terrible things about you. It's worse when they are using your own words.
If you would like to see a good example of how to bear up under the onslaught of negativity and lies, perhaps you should look to the Obamas. They have been attacked and vilified in ways I have not seen in my lifetime. They have held their heads high through lies, racism, obstructionism and open hatred by the opposing party.

I have seen pictures of my President portrayed as a monkey, with a bone in his nose, with watermelons growing on the White House lawn and, memorably, the President as a pimp and the First Lady as a prostitute. He has been called 'terrorist' and 'un-American'. He was forced to 'show his papers' to quell the crazies the Romney's are courting.

How the Obama family has maintained their dignity under such unrelenting attacks is nothing short of inspirational. Perhaps Mrs. Romney can learn something from them too. Remember, 'class' is defined not by financial status, but by ,"Grace under pressure," which our First Family has personified.

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Witnessing the Demise of the GOP

The GOP will loose in November 2012 and they deserve to do so.

The Republican Party has been hijacked by the extremists and the failure of the establishment, moderate wing of the party to control this fanatical wing has brought on its demise.

The GOP thought it could harness the energy of the Tea Party, the closet racists and the fanatical anti-abortionists whose one common thread is a loathing for Democrats in general and President Obama in particular.

The 2010 elections brought in a wave of ideological right wingers who immediately set to work on passing legislation dealing with their pet obsessions.

Immigration fears led to to extreme 'Papers Please' laws in six states.

A flood of anti-abortion legislation has been passed in dozens of states.

Irrational fears of a Muslim takeover has led to proposed legislation banning Sharia Law in twenty states.

Ultra Conservative state houses have proposed an avalanche of anti-union laws which primarily target public employees, including teachers, firefighters and police officers.

They have stoked imaginary fears of voter fraud in order to pass legislation designed to suppress votes among Democratic leaning groups.

Currently their attack is on womens' health care and in typical fashion have taken the issue to the illogical extreme. Right wing talk radio has compared women who use birth control to prostitutes and the silence of the Republican party is shocking.

Despite this flurry of legislation they have failed to do the job they were elected to do. Most were swept into office on promises to deal with jobs and the economy but their record on this issue is pathetic.

A few years ago there was an outcry for moderate Muslims to speak out against the extremists who were tarnishing the image of the peaceful majority.  Where is the outcry for voices of moderation within the GOP? Where have the reasonable Republicans gone? They have left office or cower in silence at the power of right wing TV and talk radio.

Their silence at the alarming level of vitriol and hate-speech among their ranks speaks volumes. This is a party which deserves to loose in November and may actually cease to exist within a few election cycles. How can a party which has alienated women, minorities, the working poor, the middle class and immigrants going to sustain itself? Why do they allow a minority within a minority to dominate their agenda?

As the tail wags the dog in the GOP and the cowardice of their leadership makes itself clear to all, the Republican party will loose at all levels in November and they deserve to do so.

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Friday, March 2, 2012

The Hate Speech Must Stop. Boycott Rush's Advertisers

Rush vs. Fluke

The time has come to stand up against the assault on women in the Right Wing media. The hateful comments by Rush equating contraceptives to prostitution are offensive to all women and the refusal of any prominent Republicans to disavow his remarks shows the depths to which the GOP continues to sink.

A backlash seems to be brewing and a boycott of advertisers on the show has been organized. You can sign this online petition, or send your message directly to the corporate sponsors of the Rush hate-machine.

I have attempted to locate direct email addresses for the Press / Public Relations / Advertising Departments for these corporate sponsors of the Rush Limbaugh show. Copy/Paste the list into the 'To:' field in an email form. Write your own message or copy/paste the one below and sign your name at the bottom. Share this with every woman you know.

Its time for women to get involved and push back against these Neanderthals. (No offense intended to Neanderthals or their descendants)


Stop sponsoring Rush Limbaugh's hate speech

To Advertising / Public Relations / Press Department:

Rush Limbaugh has crossed the line too many times. His recent comments that a young Georgetown University student, speaking her opinion before congress is nothing more than a sl*t and prostitute are beyond offensive and inappropriate.

Rush characterized her as 'having so much sex that she couldn't afford it'. Actually, she testified about a friend who suffered from ovarian cancer and lost an ovary due to an inability to afford hormonal birth control pills which kept the cancer in check.

I am writing to you and all Rush's advertisers to remove your support of this sexist, racist buffoon who feeds the destructive divisions which are paralyzing this country.

I will be joining millions of women who are boycotting Rush's advertisers and sharing this information with every woman I know.

A Concerned American Consumer and Voter

Wrong Department? Please forward this message to the Public Relations/Press/Advertising Department of your company.

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