Friday, March 2, 2012

The Hate Speech Must Stop. Boycott Rush's Advertisers

Rush vs. Fluke

The time has come to stand up against the assault on women in the Right Wing media. The hateful comments by Rush equating contraceptives to prostitution are offensive to all women and the refusal of any prominent Republicans to disavow his remarks shows the depths to which the GOP continues to sink.

A backlash seems to be brewing and a boycott of advertisers on the show has been organized. You can sign this online petition, or send your message directly to the corporate sponsors of the Rush hate-machine.

I have attempted to locate direct email addresses for the Press / Public Relations / Advertising Departments for these corporate sponsors of the Rush Limbaugh show. Copy/Paste the list into the 'To:' field in an email form. Write your own message or copy/paste the one below and sign your name at the bottom. Share this with every woman you know.

Its time for women to get involved and push back against these Neanderthals. (No offense intended to Neanderthals or their descendants)


Stop sponsoring Rush Limbaugh's hate speech

To Advertising / Public Relations / Press Department:

Rush Limbaugh has crossed the line too many times. His recent comments that a young Georgetown University student, speaking her opinion before congress is nothing more than a sl*t and prostitute are beyond offensive and inappropriate.

Rush characterized her as 'having so much sex that she couldn't afford it'. Actually, she testified about a friend who suffered from ovarian cancer and lost an ovary due to an inability to afford hormonal birth control pills which kept the cancer in check.

I am writing to you and all Rush's advertisers to remove your support of this sexist, racist buffoon who feeds the destructive divisions which are paralyzing this country.

I will be joining millions of women who are boycotting Rush's advertisers and sharing this information with every woman I know.

A Concerned American Consumer and Voter

Wrong Department? Please forward this message to the Public Relations/Press/Advertising Department of your company.

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